Tools in Transit Insurance

Novas Insurance Tools in Transit Insurance provides cover in the event that tools belonging to you or for which you are responsible is lost, destroyed or damaged whilst being loaded in or upon, carried by, temporarily housed in or upon, or being unloaded from your vehicle.

We have 3 levels of cover ranging from £1,000, £2,500 and £5,000.

Our cover starts as little as £47.82 per year which will cover the unexpected loss or damage of your tools, we understand how important your tools are to allow you to apply your trade, your tools are critical in keeping your business running.

Here at Novas we are 100% online, this means you do not have to make changes during business hours when we know you are working hard, not only that but as we are online we do not have expensive broker or call center costs meaning not only is Novas Insurance easier, it saves you money!

What our Tools in Transit Insurance insurance covers

What can we cover?

Portable hand tools, portable power driven tools and trade goods which are used or required during the course of Your insured business activities within the Territorial Limits

When selecting your cover amount you must ensure you select a level of cover that will provide full repair or replacement of all your tools, if you under insure and you do need to make a claim, the insurer will only cover up to the level you have selected.

Your tools are insured only whilst being loaded in or upon, carried by, temporarily housed in or upon, or being unloaded from an Insured Vehicle. Accidental loss, destruction or damage to trade goods is insured only when the accidental loss, destruction or damage occurs as a result of the Insured Vehicle being involved in a Road Traffic Accident which leads to a claim on Your motor insurance policy.

Our low cost Tools in Transit insurance product has a number of great benefits that will cover you for a different range of contingencies such as;

  • Cover from £1,000 to £5,000
  • Handheld tools
  • Power tools
  • Trade goods
  • Excess from £100
  • Overnight cover if in a secure or well-lit and visible area

To protect you and your business we also have the following add-ons to ensure you are fully protected for every eventuality:

  • Legal Expenses
Novas Insurance Review and Testimonial

Novas offered me the best price around for my goods in transit cover, process was straightforward and service was professional and prompt.

Alan Febrey, Cardiff
5 star rating
Novas Review and Testimonial
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