Price Matching

Here at Novas Insurance we do not offer a price matching service on our goods in transit and liability products as you will not find like for like cover or ease of use like ours.

We feel quality of service and great cover to be much more financially rewarding and secure with all Novas Insurance policies than us reducing the quality of our product to allow price matching.

Novas Insurance Goods in Transit Price Match
  • You get an instant price which does not change later and takes less than 10 minutes
  • We are underwritten by an A rated UK insurer for 100% peace of mind.
  • We do not charge you a fee for changing vehicles.
  • Our Mid Term change fees are a fixed £15 and managed all online by you.
  • We have full transparency of our costs, there are no hidden charges even when making a change.
  • We offer a pro rata cancellation on your policy, other insurers do not offer a refund full stop! In your first 14 days we offer a full premium refund.
  • Our cover has features such as EU and theft of attractive goods cover (up to £50,000), drivers personal effects and own goods (up to £1,000) covered as standard
  • Our online claims system makes the pain of making a claim easy if the worst should happen

So when comparing our cover with another price you must check, the change and cancellation fees, who your policy is underwritten by (do you recognise it?) and compare the cover levels as you do not want to purchase a policy which will not pay claims due to small print!