Medical Loss of License and Repatriation insurance

Novas is able to offer a low cost Medical and Repatriation insurance for companies, their employees and individuals who operate within the transport industries, our product will cover you and your employees for medical and repatriation if you or they fall ill whilst working abroad. Our specialist transport industry medical and repatriation insurance product has been designed to cover medical and repatriation expenses incurred whilst working abroad.

What our  insurance covers

What can we cover?

Our product is specially designed for Transport industry Companies, their employees and individuals working within the transport industry

Plus giving you the added benefit of having a dedicated 24 hour medical and repatriation assistant service on hand if anything were to happen, whilst helping you to cover the cost of a replacement driver:

  • Replacement driver (up to £1,000)
  • Occupational Accident (benefit of £10,000)
  • Medical loss of licence (benefit of £15,000)
  • Return home costs (up to £2,500)
  • Hospital benefit (up to £1,200)
  • Medical & Other expenses (up to £5,000,000)
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