UK and European Motor Trade/Recovery Vehicle Goods In Transit insurance

If you are a Motor Trades person or in the Vehicle Recovery trade that deals with the transportation of motor vehicles, vehicle collection and delivery or use a recovery truck then having appropriate and low cost Motor Trade Goods in Transit insurance is vital to protect you. Our Motor Trade Goods in Transit insurance policy is a great way to protect your livelihood and safeguarding your duties to your customers.

What our Goods in Transit for Motor Trade or Recovery Vehicles insurance covers

What can we cover?

All Risks, CMR and sub-contractor liability cover, including many activities ranging from breakdown/ recovery operator vehicle, single car & vehicle collection and delivery to car transporter through our Motor Trade Goods In Transit insurance product.

Our low cost Motor Trade Goods In Transit insurance product also has a number of great benefits that will cover you for a different range of contingencies such as;

  • Transhipment in the event of an accident

  • Legal Costs
  • Own Goods Cover limit (up to £1,000)
  • Commercial Consideration

  • Reloading of fallen or non-secure goods

  • Consequential or Indirect loss
  • Sub-Contractors Contingent cover
  • Debris Removal

  • Theft of attractive goods

Goods in Transit Insurance

What is Goods in Transit Insurance?

Also referred to as Freight liability, our policy will protect against claims made against you for damage to goods being transported by you. Your Novas Policy also extends to provide contingent cover for damage to goods being transported by a sub-contractor appointed by you.

  1. Stolen items
  2. Lost items
  3. Damaged Items
  4. Accidental damage

We DO NOT, under this policy, cover the actual vehicle you drive BUT only the goods being carried within the vehicle.

With cover automatically provided to £50,000 (irrespective of weight) for most of the major courier networks, obtaining that contract should be a smoother process. Unlike many insurers, we automatically provide cover for theft of attractive goods and you or your driver’s personal effects. Hand held scanners and European cover are also automatically covered.

Why do I need Goods in Transit insurance?

When you transport goods under a contract of hire and reward the responsibility for the care of those goods falls upon you as the carrier. Without proof of Goods in Transit cover you will not be able to carry for any of the major networks and should you carry without such cover the financial implications can be crippling to any business.

I deliver goods in Europe will I be covered?

Yes. Our Novas policy provides automatic cover under the CMR convention at 8.33 SDR per kilo subject to a financial limit of £250,000 an one loss. Unlike much of the competition your Novas policy also provides cover for Cabotage. Should you be asked to collect and deliver within the borders of a EU member state other than the British Isles (Cabotage) we will provide cover up to £50,000 for any one loss.

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