Music/Concert Insurance

We know how important the smooth running of your event needs to be, however sometimes accidents happen, and our Music/Concert Insurance can cover you for the unexpected.

Whether your a band, DJ or hosting a small soiree through to a Live Music Concert, you can have a number of visitors at your event where accidents can happen, you also have expensive equipment you need to keep safe along with security that should your event get cancelled you will not be out of pocket. Our Music Event Insurance will give you 100% peace of mind your event will run smoothly and you will be covered should the worst happen.

Our Music/Concert insurance product has a number of great benefits that will cover you for;

  • Public liability between £1M to £5m
  • Equipment Cover up to £20,000
  • Abandonment, Cancellation or Postponement up to £50,000
  • Employers liability up to £10m
  • Cover for up to 5 consecutive days
  • Cover for up to 20,000 visitors

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Novas Insurance Review and Testimonial

I purchased my public and employers liability for my growing business, price was the cheapest I found and I liked the fact I received a price before having to complete the process.

Adam Evans, Bristol
5 star rating
Novas Review and Testimonial

What is Covered under our Music/Concert Event Insurance policy?

We know how important making sure you have the cover your require for your event, so we have provided a clear breakdown of our cover and what we do and do not cover, we feel simplicity and openness is key when providing great insurance cover so you know up front rather than when you try and make a claim:

Public Liability

We cover you for legal liability to pay damages and claimant's costs, fees and expenses for accidental injury to a third party or accidental damage to property belonging to a third party arising in the course of your event.

CoveredCover Extensions

Not CoveredWe do not Cover

Damage to the Venue
Pollution or Contamination
Defence Costs and Expenses
Overseas Personal Liability
Dangerous activities as defined
Work Overseas
Judgements or awards made in the courts of the United States or Canada

Equipment Cover

We cover physical loss or damage to Event Equipment and other property as scheduled, belonging to or hired in by you during your event.

CoveredCover Extensions

Not CoveredWe do not Cover

Debris Removal
Bouncy castles
Theft involving forcible and
Inflatable play equipment
violent entry or exit
Single item above £2,000 online

Abandonment, Cancellation or Postponement

We cover the irrecoverable costs and expenses incurred by you if your event is abandoned, cancelled or postponed.

CoveredCover Extensions

Not CoveredWe do not Cover

Notifiable Illness
Inclement or adverse weather
Food poisoning
Avian Flu
Damage to property that restricts access to venue
The death, injury or illness of any party over the age of 75 years
Telephone, Electricity and Water Failure

Employers Liability

We cover the employees and/or volunteers during your event to pay damages and claimant’s costs, fees and expenses for injury to a member of your team arising in the course of your event.

CoveredCover Extensions

Not CoveredWe do not Cover

Defence Costs and Expenses
Offshore Work
Unsatisfied Court Judgements
Handling fireworks
Work Overseas
Judgements or awards made in the courts of the United States or Canada

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